Photo: Cumbrian farmhouse

Useful links

We work with a number of other businesses who compliment and support our renovation, build and restoration work. Here are some links for your convenience:


We source all our lime products from Tim Wells at Eden Hot Lime Mortar. Tim is extremely knowledgeable about all things lime. Tim not only provides lime based products such as lime mortars and plaster mixes but also provides invaluable advice on lime applications. Tim is very friendly and always happy to help.

Ecological insulation and airtight products:

We are approved installers of Diathonite Insulated Lime. We source this from Ecological Building Systems in Dalston near Carlisle. Ecological also supply many other insulation and passive house products and have a great, friendly team of experts on hand to provide advice on all aspects of projects from U values calculations to installation best practise.


Many of our projects are initiated through architects specifying restoration, build or renovation products. One such architecture practice, 2030 Architects in Penrith, Specialise in ‘green’ and ‘retrofit’ projects. We have worked with 2030 on a number of projects. They are a very passionate, experienced and knowledgeable team who are always happy to provide advice, support and guidance.

Photo: Barn with lime pointing in Caldbeck

For free advice about your next project, please contact either Jasper on 07540 531255 or Martyn on 07887 567956 or